Thursday, January 8, 2009

Friday is my day: Nanouke


Portugal, ah Portugal! Here we come! Today we are horoned to meet Nanouke, -the geologist doing her masters of engineering- who once said that when she has graduated and she has a fabulous job and lot money she will come to Etsy and buy all our handmade stuff! Come on Ana, study hard and study quick! :P
Besides studying she makes very cute and girly wire knitting rings, bracelets, necklaces. Please visit her etsy shop

This is me waking up, after 5 hours of sleep.
See how brave I am showing you this ugly face?
I’m not a morning person, I usually wake up really cranky.

But then, something miraculous happens, I pour some coffee into my sleepy body and I get OK!

I eat my breakfast in front of the computer, as all etsy addicts do, and I say hello to my fellow EST members

Browsing around etsy always make me lose my sense of time, so I find myself late again for work.

I pack my bag that I bought from
, (isn’t it gorgeous?) with my laptop and other stuff woman put on their bags, like needles, wire and stuff like that.

All dressed up and ready to leave home to work!
Aha, kidding, I didn’t go out looking like this!
But I sure look good.

I drive to work, and this is the car my dad gave me (it was his) when my Renault Twingo died (R.I.P.). It’s a Renault Laguna from 1998, it’s very big for me, but it’s a nice car and I get to work in 20 minutes.

I work at a brick factory, I’m a Geologist and I’m responsible for the Lab, the clay extraction and sometimes I get to do things that have nothing to do with geology. And that’s fun.

I arrive to work and spend all morning doing boring office stuff, I have a report due by next week and I have to review all the numbers referring to the quantities of clay we use.
I spend all morning doing this, with some peeks at etsy now and then J

It’s lunch time.
My co workers brought their lunch, but I was lazy, so I went to this little place I go sometimes, very quiet, to eat a burger.
I love my office pals, Sandra and Maria de Jesus, we get along great and I love them both.

I get back from my burger and it’s such a sunny day! We have been having so much rain and grey days lately, that seeing the sun makes me happy. It’s very cold today though.
Down there is where I work.

Since I have 1 hour left to spare, I take some pictures of my new stuff

It’s feels really good not having to go to Lisbon to classes, the semester is over, now it’s exams and papers time, so I just have to study and I take all the little spare time I get to do that.
I’m taking my Masters on Geological and Mining Engineering, and there’s a lot of Math going on there.

I’ll spend my entire afternoon on the Lab, doing lab things, like creating new clay monsters and developing mass destruction weapons.

I get to walk around the factory, and I have to tell you, I love working at a factory.
I also have some great co workers that saw me taking pictures and wanted to say hi to you:

See the dust? I get orange after a day’s work..

At 18h30 it’s time to drive back home.


I get home and I take a shower. Back then, when I didn’t work at a factory, I always took my showers in the mornings.
Now there’s no point on doing that, I get all dirty and orange.
So I take my shower and put on my pajamas

I have to study, so I study until dinner (21h00) and then I just lay around in the couch watching Law and Order and browsing the internet.
No crafting today… too tired.
At 00h I go to sleep, ready for another day!


  1. Ohh, Nanouke is SO much fun! I loved to see her day. She'll be one hell of an engineer soon! :)

  2. Mass destruction weapons producing indeed..giggle.
    Such a fun read, thank you!
    Put a smile on my grumpy face!

  3. Yeah! Here she is, our soon to be worlds most famouse Supermole!
    Hehehe.. wonderful read! :)

  4. It was great to read her day and saw her sweet face:)

  5. oh, what a fun day, mmm, that hamburger looks so yummie, and I did not notice something wrong at your clothing :-)))) LOL

  6. So fun to read about Nanouke!
    Thanks for sharing!

  7. Thanks for sharing Nanouke! He he I love Internet stalking ;)

  8. wow Ana / nanouke, you are an angel ! Thanks for "featuring" my bag. And I love the way you smile when you are making those mass destruction weapons !

  9. Thanks for sharing, lovely reading!

  10. Oh, it's so weird to see me here, but it's also so cool :D

    Thank you Heli! It was so much fun!!

  11. you look just fine in the mornings ana!! was lovely to read about your day .. love the brown coat you get to wear!!

    thanks for sharing both Ana and Heli .. these fridays are great!

  12. Lovely to read about your day Ana and your life at the Brickworks! Good Luck with your exams:)

    Thanks Heli for another fun Friday!!!

  13. What a fun day with Ana!


  14. so fun to read! Love the hpoto with the hat :D

  15. How great reading, thanks Ana and Heli! Ana, your current job sounds somewhat dangerous to me though, lol!


  16. another wonderful one. What a nice time to spend a day in your life! So different from mine!

  17. It's nice to see your day - and you look gorgeous when you come out of bed! :)

  18. I'm thrilled to have bumped into your and Nanouke's blogs & shops. Wonderful ideas, creativity and spirit! Keep it up, both of youse :)

  19. I have worked with many geologists and engineers over the years, and I must say that I wish Ana had been one of them. I had to wait for Etsy to meet this gentle, talented soul. :D Thank you for sharing her day!

  20. Yay Nanouke! One of my favorite girls!!! So much fun it was to read aboput your day! and thank you Heli for making this post! You and your "Fridays" rock! :)

  21. So fun to read about Nanouke's day!Thanks for sharing!!

  22. So fun to get a peek into Nanouke's world. What a dynamic woman! Thank you for sharing! I'm happy to have found this blog.

  23. Great stuff - gave me the giggles sitting here on this very dismal English afternoon!!