Thursday, January 22, 2009

Friday is my day: Fleurfatale

Today we will meet Greet aka Fleurfatale from Belgium. She is a graphic designer who started to make jewelries with a huge succes. She is another supermom who creates besides the family and home works. Just have to wonder when? From where she takes that time?


We don't need an alarm-clock to wake us, we have 4 early birds in the house!And yes, I would give a fortune if I could sleep one morning till 9 o'clock! Mmmm: starting the day with homemade bread (by daddy and the breadmachine), still a bit warm, can you imagine a better start? I get dressed and help dressing the two little kids, combing hair, preparing sandwiches for their lunch, putting their shoes on and finally putting on the winter coats and hats and scarves... to go off to school...

The 4 kids are off to school, and the puppets who are still home can take a little nap, it's mommies time now :-)I enjoy this silence, I don't even put on the radio :-)

Which pair should I put on? will I go for a run or just put my feet under my workbench and check my nightsales? I drop a quick good morning on the EST thread and woosh!!!!!!! I am off for a 5 km run.

After my shower and a homemade smoothie (apple, banana and frozen raspberries) I log in to Etsy, I prepare some packages for PO, (I like making a beautiful package, but since I have done that so much in december, it has become such a routine :-((, well now I try to varie a bit in colors, ribbons and embellishments. )And guess what: I had to investigate in a big bag (that I bought on Etsy)to bring my orders to PO!

lots of piles in my house:
- piles of laundry to do
- piles of vintage children books (which I collect)
- piles of packages to send
but what I like the most are the piles of supplies......... yeah!!!!!

time for lunch:smoked salmon, lettuce, tomatoes and a cereal bread... yummie!

I pick up Meron at school and bring to her therapy, (she has a learning disablity due to famine when she was a baby.)in this institute she gets the extra help she needs, a blessing that this exists in Belgium!

I try to take some pics of my creations on myself (I really don't want my head on it, don't feel like a model) but like this you see how it looks like on a real person, I think people really want to see it like that, before they decide to buy...

Working on new designs, just experimenting with materials and techniques, I made this houses and birds from paper clay, maybe I'll paint them or cover with vintage papers... don't know yet...

I don't make anything in felt today because I suffer from the carpal tunnel syndrom , and that happens when I am enjoying playing with felt so much! :-(A little peep in my workroom, behind the curtain is my workbench, really, you don't want to see it, it's a real chaos! :-)

It's such a cold, rainy day, normally I go to Ghent to the vintage market, but I really don't feel like it. I am having a relaxing Lavender bad en a mask on my face ( to keep wrinkles away :)

School is out, I take our vintage bike coach to go and collect the kids, we make people laugh a lot when we are passing by with the coach, and for mom it's a real work out!

Once in a month on friday evening daddy gets a big bag of French fries at the local 'Fritkot', we eat them with fresh handpealed shrimps.a real feast for the kids!

Time for the youngest to go to bed, but first a little story and then shhhhh: sleep well!and they happily slept ever after.... :-)

the two oldest girls claim to stay up a bit longer and watch TV wit mum and dad. My laptop is never far away and I keep an eye an the treasury that will open in a moment... Yeah , I got one! Hubby and I close the evening by drinking a (well deserved) glass of cava...have a wonderful weekend, cheers!

Relaxfull weekend to everyone :)


  1. wow Greet !!! you really are a supermom!!!!! how do you find the time to craft???? great read fleur / heli!!!!!!!!

  2. So nice to visit Fleur and her lovely family! A supermom, indeed! :)

  3. Yeah.. I love to read posts about those supermoms :) Thank you, Heli & Greet, for sharing!!

  4. Very wonderful to read of you hectic day Greet, such a busy but fun life!

  5. Lovely to read about such a supermom! Thank you H and G for sharing, I will start my day with more energy now :)

  6. Great post Heli!!!
    Fleur you're super!!!!!

  7. what a wonderful peek into your world. I really enjoyed it, and yes, from one mum to another, you are a supermum!!

  8. what a wonderful family you've got, Greet! and yes, you are the supertalented Supermom :)

  9. Lovely post, Greet and Heli! It's wonderful again to take a peek in someone else's day! You have so much energy, Greet, hope it's very contagious! ;)

  10. So great to see you Greet ! I am quite impressed with your day; you do so much ! Have a great weekend !!

  11. Lovely family you have Greet....and 4 kids! You are a hero!

  12. what a gorgeous family you have! You would have to be one of the best supermum's I 'know' :D

    Thanks Heli and Fleur for sharing this.

  13. I agree that Greet is super Mom! So lovely post to read.

  14. It was so nice to see and read about your day Greet! It's just wonderful how you get all things done in a beautiful way, congrats:)

    Being a Mom must be the best teacher how to become a succesfull time manager, is it so?! Long way to learn for me;)


  15. What a deserving (and interesting) person to interview! And MY what a busy friday. Hope the glass of cava at the end was a nice finishing touch!

  16. A supermom indeed!!
    You must have so much energy!!

  17. What a great mother Fleur is - anytime her and her family might be heading up to Norway, they are more than welcome to visit and stay with us.

  18. Thanks girls!!!
    But aren't we all super women?!

  19. Fleur is such a sweet person! I totally like her!

  20. I am admiring Fleur work and blog for a while, and it so nice to read about you life. Thank you Fleur and Heli.

  21. So nice to read about Fleur and get to know her better!Thanks for sharing Heli :)

  22. beautiful story about a beautiful lady!! I so enjoyed reading this :)

  23. Greet, your kids look lovely, and so do you.

    P.S. That little cart for the two youngest is SWEET!

  24. This was super fun, what a full day fleur has!
    Loved to see her kids, her food and pretty pacjkaging! Love the flower detail!

    Wonderful, thank you for sharing Heli!


  25. Beutiful to see your face and your family and to read about your day! :)

  26. What a great and creative super Mom... I really enjoyed to read some bit more about your real life!
    Thanks a lot for sharing!!!

  27. I love your creations in your Etsy store. What a treat to get a tiny window into your daily life! What a beautiful family and lovely creative life.

  28. super mother !!!!!!
    nice to meet you Greet !!!

  29. Wow, four children AND maintaining a successful shop, that commands respect...!