Thursday, August 21, 2008

Friday is my day :Krize


I am quite curious person so I want to know how other people live and what they do during the day. To satisfy my curiosity I decided to start 'Friday is my day' blog series where some people I know or I think I know will tell how they spend their days, what they do and what they eat. Yes, that is very important info :)

First brave who consented to my request is Krize. An illustrator from Lithuania, now living in Spain. Be sure to visit her whimsical Krize shop

I need you

09.30 a.m. I try to wake up, but it´s so difficult…but finally I wake up only at 10.15 a.m.

10.15 I wash up and look through the window…oh it looks a rainy day, I love it!

10.30 I eat my breakfast – yogurt with muesli and a big cup of cafe mmmmm...

11.00 I switch on my computer, look for some news – Lithuanian basketball team plays quite good so I am happy, I wish they win! I also take a look at Etsy, at my e-mail and at my blog.

12.00 Someone calls at my door – oh this is Sr.Postman with two big packages! I open it – my editorial sends me some books and the other one is from one Organisation of Lithuanian Art - wonderful project,called “10.000 sheets” – it´s a traveling book which contains 10.000 sheets to write and to paint in and finally it has reached my home! It´s destinated forthe 2009 year, when the capital of LithuaniaVilnius - will became an European Capitalof this year.

12.20 Working, working, working – making illustrations for my next book (Bremen Town Musicians by Brothers Grim :)

14.20 It´s time to eat something! Nothing special today – rice with flavours and salad (jeje trying to eat healthy)

14.45 – Working again …

15.30 Ice cream and tee brake. Also a moment toplay with my dog Boogie :)

16.00 Some TV…

17.00 Working again, but working is what I like!

19.30 The weather looks very fine so I say to my boyfriend “Let´s go to the beach”! He smiles and
says “Yes!”

20.15 We are at the beach, oh such a big waves today!!! We swim a little bit, take a walk and go home. I love the place i live - i love the water and the Sun!

21.30 We eat dinner – sandwiches with cheese and tomato and oregan while watching TV.

22.10 Shall I work a little bit? Yes. So I am working and also writing this for Helis blog :))

12.00 Tee brake…with some chocolate…my little every days pleasure.

12.30 I go to take a shower and to sleep..Zzzzzz

That’s my normal day!

And she also has another shop in etsy Boogiewoogie full of lovely handpainted bags!

P.S She says that you can contact her if you want to send her a smile, so go and smile :)

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