Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday is my day: Villa Figura

Hello friends! Today we are traveling to Netherlands to meet sweet Anneke from Villa Figura. Enjoy!

Map of Imagination

Hi there! My name is Anneke from Villa Figura.  I live together with my partner Bas, toddler Tom and baby Maas on the outskirts of Rotterdam, the Netherlands. On a typical Friday you would find me working as a Service designer and consultant (Huh?). Today is different because I'm still on maternity leave. My days are pretty much scheduled around our baby Maas. 

6:30 >> These days mornings are dark and cold. I feel reluctant to get out of bed, but our children are already wide awake. 'Rush Hour', as we call it, starts. Bas hurries off to work while I wrap the kids up warmly to go outside. It’s a rainy day in the Netherlands... 

9:00 >> After I bring Tom to daycare, I return home with baby Maas. While Maas sleeps in the pram, I quickly do some chores around the house. Cleaning up after breakfast, picking up toys, and the laundry. The hamper just keeps on filling up! 

11:00 >> Now, I was hoping to do some illustration work, however Maas decides otherwise as he's quite moody after his feed. Change of plans. A stroll to the supermarket will calm him. I drop one of my Etsy orders in the mailbox on our way. 

13:00 >> I finally sit down to attend to some requests for custom prints, prepare orders and pre-stamp some of my envelopes. The moment the sun peeks through the clouds I take the advantage of it to shoot some product photos for my Etsy shop. 

15:00 >> I decide it is time to cross the visit to museum Boijmans off of my maternity leave bucket list. It is our first official mother - son 'date'.  Two-months old Maas even gets his own entry ticket! I enjoy the nominations for the Dutch design prize and the collection of applied art and design. Judging from his wailing Maas will not wait for his feed 'till we get home and I really don't want to risk a drama on the tram. So, Maas treats me to some unexpected cappuccino in the cafe while I feed him.

18:00 >> The second the front door opens and Bas and Tom come in, our house changes from a tranquil retreat, into a happy exuberant mess. Tom and Bas frolic on the couch and build a train track together.

21:00 >> After a bath, a story and some milk, both our boys are asleep now and I quickly sit behind my laptop to work more on my alphabet project. I'm under a little pressure to create the letter Z, V and B monograms as I have already got orders for them! We should go to bed early because this weekend we have more friends and family coming over for a baby visit. But Bas and I cannot resist an episode of House and curl up on the couch together. Sleep tight!

Thank you Anneke! As for all of you lovely readers stay tunned for our next week's guest!
Until then, have a great weekend and be creative :)



  1. A busy day with kids but glad you got some moments for your work and yourself, too. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks for sharing your Friday!
    I will take a look in your Etsy shop now :)