Thursday, November 24, 2011

Friday is my day: Satyrikon Lab


Hello Hello! This time of week has come again and today I am so happy to present you Roberta Cortese from Satyrikon Lab! Enjoy :)

Hello, I’m Roberta from Satyrikon Lab, the shop I share with my friend Loredana, and where my paper creations are crossing her fabric jewels and hats. We live in the center of Turin, Italy, and we usually don’t really work together, though right now we’re both working on a bigger project and therefore she will join me later on this day... I’ll start then with my Friday!

Mini Photo Album with Accordion from Satyrikon Lab

It’s a bit granted, but it’s true: I cannot start my day without a good coffee! We have several coffee makers, this is the little one just for me, ‘cause my husband went out earlier today.

Morning chanting with my daughter Sophia (we are all buddhist at home) and then my puppies Sirius (left) and Gea (right) ready for our morning walk: they’re 8 months old, very lovely but also lively... and they hold us fit!

I take you outside with me and show you my morning path, from the nice little street just in front of my house, to the very beautiful park where we meet every day a lot of good friends. In the last picture just a few of them, left to right: Gea, Sirius, Wall-ee, Frida, Greta, Pupa, Sumà, Splif.

After the second coffee, checking everything on my pc: private posts, Etsy shop, Facebook page and account, and... to not forget: today is #FF (follow Friday) on twitter, which is something I really like because you can always get to know a lot of very interesting people.

Coming and leaving post: the postman just brought me these really beautiful fabrics I ordered from USA (through Etsy, of course...) and the two mini wedding photo albums I sold yesterday are ready to fly to Dubai!

Sorting pictures from our last event and playing Big Editor with the post Loredana wrote last night for our blog. There in the photograph is me, playing model and wearing an amazing dress made by Loredana, which has actually 4 sleeves and is completely convertible (you finally have a dozen dresses just with only one!).
We presented Loredana’s dresses together with a reading of Mozart’s letter (ok, actually, I’m an actress... and this is not a joke!) at the opening of a show room of arts and crafts here in Turin. I’m very happy because I’m organizing the whole thing with my association Satyrikon and sometimes it’s not so easy, but the opening was a big success and... together with us there are two other Etsy fellows: Sonia from lofficina and Vincenza from Ferrarel; we’ll be together until Christmas!

The gorgeous sight seeing from my living room: La Mole Antonelliana, major landmark of Turin and a building I really, really love. Next, you can imagine a picture of me getting everything ready for assembling my little hand coloured, paper-glass framed pictures.

Sirius and Gea waiting because they know Sophia’s school must be over. Lunch with Sophia. Our menu: piedmonts tortellini, potatoes salad with tuna, persimmons (we love them!) and coffee at the end, of course (third and last one).

Time to go! This was my way to the show room today: the arcades of via Po, the big San Carlo square, a (not very short) stop to the central postal office and finally via Botero, the little street where our show room is.

And here it is, our show room, Loredana’s and my little corner! The place’s name is Lacca (lacquer) and it is actually a restoration lab which put us u1p for all the duration of our events. We called our program spunicunifait, which is a word invented by Mozart, and there will be further readings and workshop... always on Friday!

Starting something unusual for me and learning from Romina, which is a very patient teacher. I want to strip this old little windows, change its glass and reuse it as a frame for one of my photographs.

After closing her tailoring atelier, finally Loredana join me at the lab... and goes on working! Here she’s making one of her fabric wrapped rings.

Time to close! Last walk back home, through via Monte di Pietà, the arcades of via Pietro Micca, piazza Castello (the heart of the city) and last but not least la Mole Antonelliana again! In the night it shines together with the Fibonacci series on her.

My husband set some appetizer for me and I like to play with food... Well, at the end I’m home: let’s have dinner, wait for Sophia coming back from the cinema (“Melancholia” tonight), take a good book with me to bed for the last read before sleeping... I think I can be fully satisfied: it was a long day but a beautiful Friday, as usual!

Thank you Roberta! As for all of you lovely readers stay tunned for our next week's guest!
Until then, have a great weekend and be creative :)


  1. Thank you Tatiana for another crafty and creative tour around the world.
    I can't wait to see what you have in store for us next week.

  2. what a busy day! wonderful photos of your city as you take your walks and I love your showroom, it's filled with so many interesting stuff!
    your dogs are such cuties :-)

  3. I love Turin!!!I love it, I love it, I love it!!!

  4. What a lovely introduction to your designs, studio, lab, shop, dogs and the beauty of Turin!

    I am happy to report that I use a little coffee pot just like yours.

    Best wishes.

  5. great Satyricon!!
    I liked very much read about you!!

  6. What a busy and interesting day, I enjoyed this a lot! Thanks Tatiana and Roberta, happy weekend to both of you!

  7. And I must thank Tatiana, too, even if a bit late... (sorry, I had problems with logging in to leave my comment)
    I really had much fun with this 'self-reportage' and it's been a real pleasure to have the opportunity to share my day on this blog!

    And thank you all for your nice comments!