Thursday, November 17, 2011

Friday is my Day: The Drifter Leather

Hello all and happy fall & winter season! This is Tatiana from ILaBoom and I will be taking care of this wonderful column as long as needed :) I am very happy to present to you, all these wonderful artists talking about their (and mine to tell you the truth) favorite day, Friday! This Friday 3 amazing and talented girls from Northern Greece, The Drifter Leather team will keep us company!

leather tobacco pouch by The Drifter Leather

 Hello! We are Maria, Callie and Christiana a.k.a. The Drifter Leather  team. We live in Thessaloniki, a city by the sea in Northern Greece. We live together and with our father, Maria's husband in a house we call home. We also work together making shoes and handmade leather accessories. Today we  are going to share with you one day of our lives.

08:00 Callie, Maria, Christianna, is time for us to wake up. The view out of our window reminds us that fall is almost over and Christmas are coming. We are drinking our morning coffee (we <3 coffee) and checking out our Etsy shop, our Blog and our FB page. So excited we sold two tobacco pouches, today!

This is our view from our window. Our neighborhood, Pylaia still looks like a village!

09:00 "Callie is having her regular graphic design lesson while Maria is going  for shoe work at our workshop in our garage and Christianna is packaging the tobacco pouches that we sold. She soon will be leaving for the post office and for the grocery shopping.

14:00 Callie, Maria and Christianna are cooking together. Cooking is a great challenge for the three of us. We usually cook together or watch one another cooking! We love spice and greek cuisine."

17:00 "Callie and Christianna  are setting a photoshoot for our shops. Callie's passion is photography! She has been photoshooting bands and models the last 3 years! Maria is creating a treasury collection and browsing the internet.

18:00 "Our evening coffee! Talking about our accessories designs and collection. Scheduling our Christmas designs. Also talking about our studies and lives!"

19:00 "Christianna is rehearsing and composing. She is studying music and lately has been trying to create her own music."

"Maria is crafting a custom design. We love it when we get special requests from customers. It's a great challenge for us and it's so satisfying to create the customer's dream accessory." 

"Callie is practicing on sketching and on using the graphic design software."


22:00 "Christianna, Callie and Maria  are watching a movie. We all love comedies and romantic movies so we never argue about which movie we are going to watch!"

24:00 "It is bed time for all of us! It was a busy day, Friday is definitely our Day!"

Thank you so much girls! As for all of you lovely readers stay tunned for our next week's guest!
Until then, keep up the good work and be creative :)



  1. Thanks for the wonderful tour Tatiana!
    It was fun to follow the girls around for a day!I love their leather pouches and accessories.

  2. What a beautiful feature, loved the story and the pictures alike. Thanks Tatiana for taking care of this lovely Friday feature, looking forward to reading more of them. Happy weekend to all of you!

    xx, minna

  3. I'm so glad this series is back on! thanks Tatiana for a great feature, the girls make such wonderful stuff and their packaging is so cute :-)

  4. This is lovely!! Glad you like our crafting! Thank you very much Tatiana! Great Series,indeed!

  5. Thank you so much for this post!
    A really lovely opportunity to take a peak into other shop owner's lives!

  6. Thank you for sharing your day, girls! It's lovely to get to know a little more about you and your work! Lovely photos, BTW!

    And Tatiana, thank you so much from all of us for keeping this lovely series alive! :)

  7. Gorgeous pictures !! Wonderful to see new faces .. and your items look lovely too. Thanks for sharing !

  8. Good job Tati!!!!
    Its so lovely to know whos behind that lovely shop!!
    Great post!!! Thanx for sharing all this with us girls!!!! :-)

  9. Wonderful interview! I love leather and love the way that these three girls adore it!

  10. Love their work!!! Great post and beatiful pics! Thanks for sharing!