Friday, June 3, 2011

Friday is my day: diohej

This week we're travelling to Hungary, to visit Eva of! Her shop is full of absolutely delightful purses and bags. Be sure to take a look, but first enjoy her day!

My name is Eva. I live in Hungary, Tatabánya in a family house with my husband, my son and my daughter.

I am an accountant. My office is in my house. My passion is sewing, and I am glad to sew handbags, accessories, purses for Etsy.

I get up at 6.30 in the morning, I drink a coffee, and have a breakfast with my family. Then follows the preparations, and when the others goes to work and school I go into my office (workshop).

My first job is to look at my e-mails and letters written by my clients, and then I make a plan of my daily tasks. Depending on how much work I have, and if there is a deadline for my work, I am working with accountancy, or seam, while the radio is on.

Today I have a lot of work, so this morning is dedicated for my work.

It's exhausting to sit and work daylong at the computer.

Meanwhile, my attention is on the Etsy, on the treasuries, and sometimes I get up and go out into the garden to our dog and the cat, and to the plants of course.

It is time for a break, I am cooking a divine frothy coffee , I am reading patchwork blogs, then I am unpacking the materials and I get inspiration by what I could sew.

I am drawing, I am planning my lino-works. I like to make lino-engravings, and to print them on textile.

Then I go to shopping in a supermarket that is in my neighbourhood, at two minutes to walk, while my daughter gets home from school.

It’s time for Cooking. The family is getting home, I am washing dishes, I stay together with my family, and then I'm coming downstairs to my workshop, and I am preocuppied only with sewing.

There are waiting for me a lot of clothes in this evening, which must be ironed out. This week I haven't time enough to do it because of my important work.
In the evening I am watching TV, we have a dinner, then follows the bathing and going to bed with a reading book.


  1. Thank you for your patience and the opportunity Maria:)

  2. So nice to meet you here Eva ! I love your purses !

  3. Hi Eva, lovely to know more about your day! I especially love this laced floral frame purse, but all your bags are beautiful! Erika Price Jewelry

  4. Kraplak and ERika, thanks so much :)

  5. Eva, it is so lovely to hear about your day!
    Your studio looks organized, and what a beautiful place you live in ;-)

    And may I say: that desert looks totally scrumptious!

  6. Hi Eva! You have a great shop!
    Thanks for sharing your day :)
    Love those flowers climbing on your house! But what kind of pet is your daughter holding? :O)

  7. Thank you so much for sharing your day Eva!

    Renate: looks like mole to me! :)

  8. Yes, it's a mole, whom we rescued the cat's clutches :)