Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday is my day: anniejewelry

It's time to go to Croatia and say hello to Anica! She creates wonderful wirewrapped jewelry with incredible detail - see for yourself at her Etsy shop First though, enjoy her day!

(I'm doing a bit of travelling myself at the moment - this Friday I am celebrating my 30th birthday in Scotland. :)

Hello everybody!

I'm Anica, which is the Croatian equivalent of Annie. I wish you a warm welcome into my small world!

Today is Saturday and I'm going to spend it at home, in my beautiful town of Samobor, Croatia. This is really not a typical day because I spend most of my days in a nearby Croatian capital, Zagreb, where I work full time in an insurance company. The job is stressful so I can't wait for the weekends to have more time for the people and things I love.

I'm an early bird and I got up even earlier than usual. My hubby and daughter are still asleep but there's another family member to welcome me with great joy – our Maltese dog, Masha. We cuddle and I make her a ponytail so she could see me better :) Then I take some time to groom myself :)

We have a house with a garden and some strawberries among other fruits and vegetables – perfect for a healthy day-starter. I go and get some – my mother in law is doing the gardening and she loves it but she's away at the moment so there has to be someone to replace her. With the smoothie at my side I check Etsy, FB and some portals for news.

My daughter wakes up, I make her a breakfast and take her to her cheerleading class. Taking a stroll through Samobor is always a good idea – today I am admiring the beautiful roses. Then I buy newspapers and have a coffee in my favorite bar.

My husband is now awake so I pick him up and we both go to pick up our daughter and take Masha for a walk. We have beautiful parks, lawns, even woods and hills practically in the center of Samobor.

We come back home and the hubby cooks another coffee, much better than the first one :)

Then we're off to Zagreb to choose some ceramic tiles. We are renovating our attic and this is important for me because I'll finally have a studio in my current kitchen!!! Looking forward to it! It's very complicated to work on a dining table, always having to pull out and put back all supplies and tools or tolerate the creative mess :)

After getting back everyone's hungry and I make a soup, a quiche and a salad – perfect! Taking a nap in the afternoon is a must, at least for some of us :)

My hubby's watching tennis, the daughter's friends are at our place and, as for me, now it's time for my crafting activities! I'm choosing the balcony, it's almost summer. Although I adore silver and love working with it, I've been playing with bronze lately. It's much cheeper nowdays that the prices of silver have risen enormously and those warm tones go very well with the turquoise, shells, corals – all summer delights :)

I choose a coral bead, bronze sheet and wire. After finishing the pendant I oxidize it – I can't resist doing that, perhaps I have some kind of a disease?!

Later, I take out the newly acquired supplies. I'm thinking about opening another shop (I already opened a profile, doKIDyourself). This one would be something completely different than the jewelry I sell as anniejewelry. Take a peek at these beads I made several years ago - the other shop should feature something similar to this. I adore children's illustration and all the cute stuff for kids. What's stopping me from working on it and opening the new shop is the lack of time, of course... Let's hope I will find some soon :)

The evening is reserved for the family, TV, new listings, renewals... just the usual stuff! One great day behind me! Good night everyone!


  1. Very impressive jewelry! I like the beads you made for your other shop, so so so cute :-)

  2. Hi Anica and Happy Birthday :)
    Firt of all: Your dog is SUPER CUTE!
    Really like your jewelry. Very unique.
    I hope your studio will be finished soon so you can work and leave a mess ;)

  3. Thanks so much and have a wonderful trip and a happy birthday!

  4. I congratulate for this wonderful your day
    and jewelry are fantastic... I love them:-)

  5. Thanks for sharing you day, Anika!

    And happy birthday, Morrgan :)

  6. I love your jewelry Anica, you are so talented!