Friday, July 2, 2010

My day is friday: Joutomaa

Jey! There is beautiful midnight sun in the nothern Finland this time of the year, so come on, let's fly there and meet Reetta from who is an illustrator and artist and have the most lovely art shop(s).
Have a sunny and lovely Friday :)

Hi there! My name is Reetta :) I live in Turku, Finland with my husband and two daughters (6 and 9 years old) We live in a little pink house near the city center.

This is my day:

8 am.I’m up and so is my hair :) I eat yoghurt with berries and muesli, and a sandwich with coffee, while reading the news paper.

10 am.Walking to my shop/studio. This is Kellonsoittajankatu (church bell ringer‘s street) where my shop is. Near the other end of the street there is
Turku Cathedral which is the national shrine . Good land mark if you are ever looking for my shop! ;) I opened the shop/studio in October last year after working at home for three years, and I still have to pinch myself from time to time to believe it! I feel so lucky!

Inside my shop! I sell my own cards and prints and other colourful, fun and whimsical art and crafts by Finnish and foreign artists and crafters. I do some dusting and vacuuming and open the shop at 11 am

Behind me “the inspiration wall” Here’s "the studio" where I do the cluing and clipping part :)

On my working table now are some gnomes with animal friends and vintage papers. I do my collage/mixed media works on wood panels. The new Christmas cards are coming together. During the working day I serve customers, paint, cut and clue, answer to phone calls and emails, pack wholesale and Etsy orders and so on. I close the shop at 5 pm.

I spend the evening with my family and with my laptop ;)

I take a walk in my poor little garden.’s just a yard at the moment but I have great plans for it J Then we spend the rest of the evening with my husband on the sofa with gardening books and TV. Good night! I hope you are having a good day too!


  1. so lovely to meet you here Reetta ! Your shop looks awesome.

  2. Thanks for sharing Reetta. Your Etsy and real life shops are gorgeous!

  3. Many thanks to both of you for sharing!

  4. What a lovely day and your shop looks wonderful!
    I should come visit your shop some day. I almost bike pass it every day when I bike to uni:)

  5. Lovely day! I want to come for a visit soon:)

  6. Oh, love that cute studio and your work. Wonderful day to follow:) Thanks for sharing!

  7. That shop is lovely and so is your work!
    Thank you for sharing your friday ;)

  8. Hi Reetta, nice to meet a fellow Turku resident! Maybe I'll stop by your shop some day, it looks lovely. :)