Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday is my day: Penguin & Fish

Let's pack our bags and take a flight to United States and meet Alyssa from
She creates the most cute and quirky animal plush and hand embroideries.
Good Friday! meowww

I start my day with my iphone alarm going off at around 7:00am, then it's Snooze, Snooze, Snooze until I get to the point where I'm awake enough to check my emails. I'd love if I could get started a little earlier but it never seems like I can get to bed early enough the night before to pull it off.

8:45. Time for coffee. While that's brewing, I make lunch for the hubs. Salad with blueberries, edemame and some leftover salmon from dinner last night. Also a banana and cereal for breakfast, and a few snacks.

By around 9:45am I've taken a shower and put non-pajama clothes on. Then it's off to my studio (a room on the main level of our house). I check my email again, then open up my big "to do" list for what needs to get done per/week till the end of the year. It's a little crazy but so good for getting longer term projects done. Right now it centers around getting ready for Fall Quilt Market, new surface pattern designs, a couple of plush shows, and the holiday sales season. I also open up Twitter (via TweetDeck), and do my blog post for the day.

By 10:30am I've started the real job of the day...emailing stores about my products and wholesale info. A whole day at the computer doing emails, gah! Not all that fun, and sort of stressful, but it's a good feeling putting myself out there.

Time for a much needed break around 1:00pm for more coffee and some lunch (a turkey wrap), then it's back to the emails.

I get away from the desk around 3:00pm to find packages at my door. Woo hoo! It's a rubber bucket that I got to pour the water from the dehumidifier into, and then water the plants. And a sail to put up for some shade outside.

3:30pm. I can't stand to be at the computer anymore so I go outside to the backyard and brainstorm ideas for the plush shows I have coming up. Oh yeah, and more coffee. This is more than usual today, but it's nummy. The second pic is our garage where I want to put the sail up for some shade. We just bought the house in April so anything growing was already there. Next year I want to plant a big garden behind the garage.
4:30pm. A quick snack and back at the computer

At 5:30pm the hubs comes home and we decide to go for a jog around the neighborhood. It's so hot and humid out that I can't believe I stuck with it today. When we get back I have to take a second shower for the day just to cool off.
7:00pm. Artisans Collective team meeting in the Etsy virtual labs.

At 8:30pm I start to relax for the day a little with some pizza and So You Think You Can Dance episodes on I had the best intentions to make some pesto and pasta for dinner with the basil from our herb pot, but the hubs was having a meeting in his office with the sound guy for his short film, and we decided to all just order a pizza instead. So much for the run, ah well. It's pesto and pasta tomorrow.
Around 10:00pm I'm finishing up my emails for the day. I want to make a few more bunny plushes later in the week, so I start picking out some fabric from my shelf. The shelf has all my wool fabric, felted, cut and ready to go.

At 12:00am the hubs asks me to watch his short film with him. It's all done except for the final sound mix, and we need to test the dvd burn before he sends it to festivals. It turned out awesome, and I'm super proud of him! He does some tweaks on the dvd and I test a few more to see if they worked.

1:00am. I sit in my husband's office (across the hall from mine) and knit. I'm working on a new pair of slippers for him, while he works a little longer on his computer.

By around 2:00am I'm completely spent for the day and I head off for bed.


  1. Nice to meet you Alyssa ! I see it's hot at your place too...

  2. It was so nice to read about your day Alyssa!

  3. What a nice day to share with us, Alyssa!

  4. Loved reading it.
    Very light and absolutely cool!
    *thumbs up*

  5. Oh she made super cutie stuff Heli:)

  6. Such a nice feature! Her stuff is just awsome!

  7. I liked reading about your day. Getting hungry now looking at all that good food you eat...
    Your animals are so cute :)

    Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!