Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday is my day: Petit Plat

Hello dear Friday friends! Back from holidays with fresh new blog for Fridays. Remember to add "My day is Friday" to your friend list and we will follow you.

So, are you ready to travel again through the world and visit amazing artists and handcrafters? I am! And today we will have super yummy trip to France. We will meet Stéphanie from She makes the best and the most beautiful cakes and cookies in town in miniature size. Amazing work!

Bon appetite!

Ok so you’ll have a peek at a regular PetitPlat day.

I usually get up at 8:00 am. I don’t like to stay long in the bed because I’m the most efficient in the morning! My boyfriend usually stays in bed until 8:30. – 9:00

I go down to take my breakfast, you’ll see that food (real one) is a important part of my life.
First, the ‘kids’, Boudu and Kheops get some food and fresh water.

My breakfast is always composed of:
A multi-fruit juice + a bowl of hot chocolate + bread (preferably whole wheat and cereals) and jam.

I then take a shower, get dressed and around 8:45 – 9:00 I’ll start my PC, to check emails, answer convos, look at new comments and prepare some packaging.

Today is rather a good ‘light’ day so I’m going to make some photos for my shop. Besides I’m not in a clay mood right now and have plenty stuff at home which I need to photograph in order to sell!
You can see that my ‘photo studio’ is rather messy, miniatures, dollhouse furniture and paper lying everywhere…

12:00 I’m getting hungry, so it’s time to cook! Yay! I love cooking!
Today I try something new, potato and trout ‘boulette’ with some salad. Easy and good.

Today is a bit special, I’m doing some cookies after lunch, with my boyfriend’s help. I don’t eat cookies everyday, but we’re in holidays, parents are not at home, so we’re eating more and better :D

I get back to work, which means mooore photos! Here a result of today’s photosession.

4:00 pm goûter!! Or ‘a-cute-name-for-a-sweet-break-because-it’s-just-too-long-to-eat-nothing-between-12-and-8pm’
I usually take a bowl of cereals, sometimes brioche, sometimes bread. No cookies, don’t know why, but I prefer them as dessert :)

Back to work and some more photos and editing.

8:00 pm, dinner!! (oh how I love food :D)
This evening spaghetti frutti di mare yum yum!

After doing the washing up (we don’t have any dish washer), cleaning the kitchen and feeding the animals I usually just surf on the web.

Around 0:00 time for sleeping and reading a bit


  1. :) Greta to meet you... I adore Stephanie´s mini-word! Thank you for sharing SuperHeli!

  2. honestly Petit, I haven't a clue which one is the real food or not!:))) Thanks for sharing this interesting post heli!:)

  3. I just had breakfast but I am hungry again! Great feature! :)

  4. Thanks for the great read.. again! Nice to 'meet' you Petit!
    It's only 10:30 am, but that pasta looks so darn good.. :-)

  5. mmmmm, it was a great day with Stephanie!
    Now, that we know, that she is not only good with mini-food, but cooks very well in the real kitchen...she has to invite us for a dinner :-)

    I will bring some Hungarian wine, hm? :-)

  6. Thanks for the lovely feature it was fun to do!

    Lol Judith! That would be really awesome to invite you all, but I'm not sure I could cook for so many :D :D

  7. Oohhhhhh her real life food looks almost as amazing as the miniature one!
    Great to read her day, thank you Heli!!

  8. a wonderful read all about Stéphanie!! what cute little 'children' you have ;) love to see this, you sure do like cooking! thanks for sharing ..!!

    hugs kerrin, xox

  9. Great reading! Thank both of you so much for sharing!

  10. How neat to have a blog dedicated to the friday days!

    I loved reading this one too :-D

  11. Wow, what a fun day with Stéphanie! I enjoyed the story! How nice to hear she likes real food cooking too:)

  12. You really love food LOL real and clay ones :) Lovely read, thanks Stéphanie and Heli!

  13. Such great-looking food, both the real and the not-real!
    I've just eaten some lovely sushi, but I would almost get hungry again.

    And I love those big French bowls of hot chocolate (or tea) in the mornings!

  14. All this food looks so good, but I can't tell which is the real food and which is the miniature! Amazing!

  15. Hahaha, wonder why I'm suddenly so hungry! You have great days filled with food! :)