Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday is my day: Fingerprince

This Friday we're going back to Greece to visit Alina of She makes the most adorable sterling silver jewelry, her shop makes me smile every time. Let's take a look at Alina's day!

Hi everyone! My name is Alina, and I live in a suburb of Athens (Greece) with my husband and three daughters.

A regular day starts at 7:30. I wake up to prepare my elder daughters for school. I do try to steal a moment to check my Etsy shop for sales, messages and “hearts” in my i-pad.

I usually work in the kitchen table because lighting is perfect. So often you can find little hands messing up with my stuff...

I try to figure out a way to make a workshop for myself at home. I used to work at the marketing department of an international bank but a couple of months ago I quit my job to dedicate myself to a business of my own, related to handmade jewelry and painted porcelain objects. Due to a health problem I had to postpone my plans, so until things are back to normal I am fully dedicated to my etsy shop!

Ready for school!

A stop at the local super market...

...and quickly back home to prepare my orders...

11:30 My friend Maria is coming over to pick up a pendant she asked me to make for her. Looks great on her.

I am having a break and chat over a cup of coffee...

I check Etsy often during the day, and I renew my items to get more views.

13:00 Another break to make lunch. The kids come back from school around 14:30. I will look after them and work again during the evening.

16:00 My mother is coming over to see us. Great weather for gardening!

Well it seems I am not going to work much today...

I try a lot to improve my “shop’s” photos. I believe this is key for sales. So whenever a day is shinny I experiment with new photos.

19:30 My husband comes home from work. This is a time we have as a family... We play, exchange the news of the day and have dinner.

21:00 The children are asleep. I have a cup of chamomile to relax.

My orders are packed and ready to ship. I’ll leave them my the main entrance so as to take them to the mail tomorrow.

23:00. Its time for bed… A last glimpse at my Etsy store, and Goodnight!


  1. Nice to meet you Alina! Very cute jewelry and I adore your springy garden.


  2. Hi Alina! Thanks for sharing your day!
    Love your jewelry :)
    Never knew about you before. This blog is great!
    I hope you and your family is having a wonderful weekend.

  3. Aren't they the cutest!!
    Great, fun accessories Alina!