Friday, December 3, 2010

Friday is my day: Spacejam

Yum yum! Look at these goodies! Today we will travel to Germany and meet Alexandra from
She has a shop full of yummy and colorful vintage stuff!
Have a happy Friday all!

Vintage 1950s Gossen Sixtomat light meter made in Germany

My regular Saturday (I chose Saturday, because this is my favorite day) starts usually between 6 and 8. I live by myself, so the alarm clock is the only help in waking me up. This little monster produces so much noise that I jump up immediately
I am a tea drinker and a breakfast is very important for me to start my day with a proper meal. I eat way more for breakfast than during other snacks or meals.
After breakfast is my e-mail checking, email answering and email writing time..Also it creates a structure for the day, because then I know what I need or need not to do today and can plan my time. I love sitting at my desk, drinking tea and scrolling through photos, emails and blogs.

If there were any orders overnight I am packing them and run to the PO (preferably before 12, because afterwards the line is unbearable..and what is more important it closes on saturday really early). I really enjoy my way to the PO, cause i pass by gorgeous buildings...but waiting in line is killing me)
Saturday is one of my favorite days! Saturday is a flea market day! My best friend is coming over and we choose where to go to get the new stock for the shop...of course by now there are favorite markets.. Sometimes we even do weekend trips to other cities for diversity=)

Than starts the not so favorite part, which has to be done..washing and cleaning all the new items for the shop, taking photos and editing them. This takes forever, but it goes way faster if i get help=)

saturday evening is either going out or movie day, so after all the work is done I call my friends and do something together with them. I say at this point the work is done and the fun is ahead.

i spend half of my day in my working room, so it is important to be surrounded by things you like.

I hope I complied with the task). Of course all the days are not really the same, but this is what my typical Saturday looks like. I also didn't mention that some days I can be found in my favorite chair with a cup of tea crocheting all day long )


  1. Hi Alexandra and thanks for sharing your day :)
    Flea markets are the best!
    You got some great finds I see.
    Have a great weekend!
    Going to check out your shop now.

  2. Hi Alexandra, nice to meet you! Love the photos. =)

  3. You have an interesting day!:)

  4. Many thanks to both of you for sharing!

  5. I enjoyed this so much--where do you live? It must be somewhere north of me--to have such a great variety of flea-markets.

  6. Really enjoyed the pics here :) Thanks for sharing. Love your breakfast and that chair+tea+yarn = bliss :)

  7. Hi girls )) Thank you once again for inviting me - I had fun writing about my day.!
    I live at the moment in Nuernberg, but I love traveling all over for flea markets )