Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday is my day: Littleclouds

Long flight ahead. Today we will fly to Hong Kong and meet Alison from
She designs the most cute and funny things made of fabric and paper.
Have a fun Friday!

Wrist pin cushion with watch face screen print

Hello from Hong Kong and welcome to a typical Friday Littleclouds style.
I wake up around 9am and the first thing I do is cuddle Kira (a Chihuahua I’m temporary looking after for a month).
After changing out of my sleep clothes and brushing my teeth etc I turn my Mac on and put the kettle on for a cup of tea, the first cup of tea is always the best!
Typically for breakfast, I’ll either have Cheerios or raisin toast (2 slices!)

This mug is from my 1st job at Costa Coffee when I was 16 and I took it with me in my suitcase when I came to Hong Kong just over a year ago.
Because we are only here temporarily, we try to buy as little as possible and we only have 3 mugs in the house so this mug is ultra-ultra precious!

Whilst tucking in, I’ll check my emails, Facebook, craftcult and read some of my favourite blogs and make my ‘to-do’ list for the day, usually consisting of things I need to make for orders and stockists, test samples as well as things I need to buy later (food shopping, supplies, errands etc).
I take Kira out for walkies. She loves grass and I love her face when she is panting, so happy looking ! (cute video: )

Around 10am I’ll head to my studio to start a-making. Today I’ve got a few custom orders to make so I screen print a bunch of stuff, including this shiny gold PVC I’ve been itching to test out…finally! Even though it is OTT and tacky I kind of love how bling it is!
After cleaning up my silk screens (and the bathtub!) I wait for the pieces of fabric to dry so I go to cuddle and play with Kira (she is quite a baby and loves hugs!)
Whilst I’m waiting I might as well grab an early lunch! I’m not usually this healthy, I go through phrases but today this is literally all I had in my fridge, cheese, turkey slices and reduced salad pack. Time for another tea.
I sew and sew and sew until my back hurts and my eyes feel fuzzy, I finish my custom orders and make some samples for new ideas from the prints…bling bling!
I need some more supplies so go to catch a bus to go to Shum Shui Po, a district where it is completely chock-a-block full of supplies, anything you want you can probably get here in some hidden dusty corner, it is really a crafters paradise!
I go to meet my significant other and we watch ‘Inception’ at the cinema and have dinner somewhere local afterwards.
Afterwards we get some frozen yogurt to share, this stuff is so SO GOOD! I could eat it all day! And I think it healthy, healthier than ice cream anyway!

We get the bus home and get off early so we can go take a long walk on the beach as the sun sets, where I live is so beautiful, I’m so lucky to see these sights so frequently that I have to pinch myself. I’m not a sun worshiper or anything but I do love to see the sights of sea, mountains and low hanging clouds and everyone is always so happy at the seaside and that sort of happiness is infectious, these dogs were play fighting on the beach, so lovely to watch.
We take Kira out for a walk, she is so tiny compared to other dogs!
I package some orders whilst watching TV and do some sofa-sewing, I potter around and do some chores before bedtime around 1.30am YAWN!
Thanks for reading !


  1. Many thanks to both of you for sharing!

  2. this is a life in Hong Kong ? with beach and supplies and puppies and everything ?

    how brilliant !!!

    and I love the clock wrist pincushion !!!!!!

  3. Hey Littleclouds!Great to meet someone from Hong Kong..I miss Hongkong! Next month heading back to Macau (yeah we are neighbours) and sure gonna go to Shum shui po! The noodles make me hungry!
    Thanks for sharing and nice work!

  4. Hi Alison, so nice to meet you and Kira here !

  5. Hi Alison!

    What a cute dog :)
    I would also like to catch a bus to go to Shum Shui Po!Looks like crafters paradise ;)

    Thanks for sharing your day with us!

  6. I can see how you are enjoying the life in Hong Kong. Being a tourist/guest is always fun (at least to me). Thanks for sharing the studio and yummy looking meals. Tweet ya later!

  7. Thank you for the peek in your day! I want to go to HK now :)