Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday is my day: ValeriAtelier

Hello all! Today we are traveling to Turin, Italy to meet Valeria from ValeriAtelier. Enjoy the ride :)

Hi there! My name is Valeria :) I live in north west Italy, in a small town near Turin. I live there with my husband and my little dog, Jaki.

I live in this beautiful town since I was born and I could not move in a big & crowded city! In the village we have everything we need: shops, chemist, post office and council office. The atmosphere is quiet and silent.

Every day I wake up at 8.00a.m. At that time my husband is already at work, so I have breakfast with my beloved dog. A mug of tea and some homemade biscuits.

After breakfast, I read e-mails, browse the blogs through my reader and have a look at my Etsy, Fb, etc. Today I must clean the house and do the washing, so my weekend will be available! The morning passes so quickly that I did not realize that it's time to prepare lunch! Today.. RISOTTO!! Pumpkin Risotto!! I love to cook and try new recipes!

In the afternoon I begin my productive day.

I create new jewelry, draw and experiment with new or recycled materials.

 The afternoon passed quickly and it's time to make dinner!

When my husband comes home from work... everything is ready... we can have dinner! After dinner I can never do anything... I'm always tired! So I lie on my couch watching TV. At 11.30 p.m. it’s time to go to bed!! Another day has passed... goodbye!

Thank you Valeria! As for you lovely readers, stay tuned for next week's guest!
Until then... have a great weekend and be creative! 

Friday, October 5, 2012

Friday is my day: Mayagencic

Hello all! Today we are traveling to Athens, Greece to meet Maya from Mayagencic. Enjoy the ride :)

Hi everyone! My name is Maya, I am 37 years old (hm, young!) and I live in Athens, Greece with my husband and 2 lovely daughters. I moved here from Serbia 4 years ago, and to be honest I feel like I am still adjusting to my new home :)
{ 9:30 am }  This is the view from our terrace in the morning. Well, not SO early as I had never been an early riser. Since I do not have a day job at the moment, I could have at least enjoyed sleeping late, but alas! My 3-year-old daughter Ianthi doesn't think today she was in the mood to get up at about 9 am. 
Ianthi is a cheerful and adorable little creature, and is now in the phase of expressing her creativity...on the walls :/  This masterpiece is at least on the outer wall of the terrace...unfortunately, she finds the inner (white) walls of the living room quite convenient as backgrounds for her artistic expressions, in various colors (ouch).

{ 9:45 am }  Ok, so Ianthi's breakfast is ready, and so is mine! I will have just a coffee to begin the day in my favourite spot of our apartement - the balcony. I am a caffeine addict, no shame about it, and I need a huge cup of it, otherwise my brain will stay right there in the bedroom!

{ 10:15 am }  While Ianthi is re-discovering her toys, I have some time to sit and check what's new online...most of all, Etsy and Pinterest. Pinterest is another addiction of mine...I really love it. It is like a visual Paradise that amazes and inspires me. I could stay much longer but I have to prepare lunch till the rest of the family comes back from their schools/jobs (sigh). Something simple and quick, more complicated meals are for Sundays!

{ 11:30 am }  While the food is cooking, I am working on my Etsy orders. Now, I definitely prefer THIS to cooking! It relaxes me, actually. So, these pretties will be put on the tiles soon and in 3 days become immortalized as coasters! I find even the scraps cute...I like discovering color combinations on a random pile of discards.
{ 2:00 pm }  Lunch time for the whole family. Here is my older daughter Natalia...and she is wearing earrings we ordered from - Etsy! :)

{ 4:00 pm }  Since I am an English teacher and have some private lessons during the week, I prepare for today's meeting with my two favourite students! Today is our first meeting after summer and I am sure we have a lot to say about what happened during the I will turn it into a little game with question cards. I have also brought for them some cute souvenirs from Prague - these lovely magnets (handmade, of course!)
{ 6:00 pm }  Ok, so I am ready to leave. Hiiiii! (it is October and the temperature here in Athens is still well over 30 degrees!)

{ 7:00 pm }  Here are my girls! I feel really lucky to have them as students and friends, and I am quite proud of their progress since we started with the lessons 2 years ago. I got a present also! Wonderful aromatic tea in this adorable tin box - from Vienna. Yay!

{ 1:00 am }  After a nice movie and some more online browsing, I am ready for bed. Night falls over Athens, but the city doesn't sleep. I can imagine the downtown, with the tourists still roaming, some shops still working and the cozy cafeterias full of pleasant noise of the chit-chat. It would be really nice to be there with some friends, and have a drink or two. But, not today. Some other evening. Next Friday... maybe.

Thank you Maya! As for you lovely readers, stay tuned for next week's guest!
Until then... have a great weekend and be creative! 

Monday, September 24, 2012

Friday is my day: Granny Knows Best

Hello all! Today we are traveling to Bulgaria to meet Nevyana from Granny Knows Best. Enjoy the ride :)

Hi, my name is Nevyana, an owner, designer and artisan at Granny Knows Best. I’m temporally living with my mom and my son in North-West Bulgaria, in a town called Vratza.

I barely open my left eye when I hear my 4-year old son talking loudly in the hallway. A minute later he jumps over my bed all joyful and playful. Great start of the day! His good mood is infectious and we stay a little bit in the bed laughing at nothing.

Breakfast time! Four wholemeal cookies and a cup of fresh farm milk is my healthy and very tasty breakfast. 

My favorite time of the day is reserved for my almost daily bycicle lap. I say “almost”, because I’m not a sporty girl, the bike is a great compromise for my body and my soul. I take my camera and I’m leaving town. 

Two kilometres and I’m out of town. Those are the last houses that I see. They stay behind me and look what is in front of me. Beautiful nature!

I need only 15 minutes more to reach the gorgeous rock’s gate, that have given the name of the town ("Vrata" means "gate" in Bulgarian). From both sides of the route you see enormous blocks of steep, high rock formations. This region is compared to the french rocks of Verdon, but I can’t say if it is the same or not, because I have never been to Verdon.

I’m lucky to catch a climber on the rocks with my camera in this very Friday morning. In the weekend it is full of climbers that come from all over the country, here they can find any difficulty level they are looking for. I leave the climber on his destiny and head to home.

Wow, what a relaxing moment in front of the computer with a steaming cup of green tea. I prepare a litre of it in my shabby vintage teapot and I enjoy this magical liquid all day long. I check my Etsy account, e-mail, facebook, then I dedicate a lot on internet promoting... the hard part of my knit & crochet affair. I work until 14:00 under the supervising eye of my granny from the portrait. She is my lucky mascot! I named my shop after her and I trully believe she sees and supports me from wherever she is right now.

Meanwile my son is playing manly games with all kind of vehicles and my mom is preparing the lunch. Yeah, you can bet, I’m a spoiled child ;-)

My mom announces that it is time for lunch. Mmmmm, she has prepared my favorite meal - fried peppers with tomato sauce. I don’t know why, but my mom don’t want to face the fact that I don’t eat meat and often prepares meat, like she wants to convert me. This day is a great exception, so I enjoy it without asking too much.

I hear the door bell and... what a surprise! My package with labeled tags has arrived 3 days earlier then promised. I’m so happy... that I’m doing the happy dance. The tags are just wonderful, even if they are not in the absolutely same colors as on my website. And they are more than 1000! Hopping to have as many orders as I have tags to use ;-)

I have 2-3 hours knitting session, not much today. I’ve just finished my first pair of socks and I’m in a hurry for the second one. This is a new project of mine and I can only say that I like it so much, that I will knit a bunch of socks for this winter.

My son is becoming crazy while staying in the house the whole day and we both decide that it is time for going outside. We call Damyan’s friend Sofia to come with us and head for the nearby playground. They don’t need a lot of supervising, as far as they are together, they can play hours and hours, without even noticing my presence or absence. Few hours on the playground is fair enough, so we leave exausted but happy...

We are back home and Damyan helps me to prepar the dinner. He claims for his favorite banitza, so we put all our efforts to make an yummy evening meal. Banitza is a traditional bulgarian dish, it is made from eggs, bulgarian white cheese, bulgarian yogurt and some flaky pastry. Easy, fast and very tasty. You can eat it at breakfast, lunch or dinner... or whenever you like.

The banitza is ready... and we are ready to eat it. A good company for the banitza is a glass of red wine... or moreover it is my regular evening glass of local merlot. Nazdrave! (cheers)

My son is in his bed, so the day is over for me. I like to read before I fall asleep, so I take the book for the Indigo children and I go deep into the world of those special kids. Interesting true story... that I will tell you some other time... Good night! 

Thank you Nevyana! As for you lovely readers, stay tuned for next week's guest!
Until then... have a great weekend and be creative!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday is my day: Quiero

Ηello all!
Today we travel to The Netherlands to meet lovely Inèz from Quiero. Enjoy the ride :)

Good morning!
I am Inèz, owner of Quiero! I live together with my boyfriend in a little apartment in Rotterdam. These amazing pictures of us have been taken by Hanke Arkenbout, who also designed my logo.

I started Quiero! a while ago, after having worked for a couple of years in Human Resources. Quiero! is my jewelry label, and means 'I want' in Spanish. For me it means that I do what I want to do, and also that other people think 'Quiero!' by seeing my jewelry. Besides Quiero! I also work as a make-up artist.

Most weekdays I get up at 8:00, unless I've got an assignment that starts very early in the morning. Today I haven't so my alarm (iPhone 'duck') goes off at 8 in the morning.

I have breakfast with multi-fruit cruesli, some fruit & yoghurt and a glass of water, on the couch while watching the morning news. Today I also made a smoothie with banana, dates and orange juice... mmm!

I work a lot from home. This is my working room. I re-styled it a while ago.

First I made this moodboard, as you can see it's now hanging on the wall in my working room. Using the moodboard I chose the colors of the room. I painted the wall chocolate brown when my boyfriend was away for a couple of days ;)

Today I wanted to make something out of this pre-loved necklace that I got from my mother's friend.

I made a beautiful new necklace, a ring and a set of earrings out of the old necklace. I'm so happy with this result! :) 

About two weeks ago I had a market stall (together with Nicole from Studio BIG) at the 'Etsy Bazaar' at a big three-day festival in Holland; Lowlands Festival.

 I sold Quiero! jewelry and I gave people beautiful neon & glitter festival make-ups!

I planned to write a blogpost and a newsletter about it in the next week, but didn't manage to do it. I'm not so good with time-management ;) Today I really want to tick these things off my list, so I write a blogpost on and send out a newsletter to all my friends and customers, in which I put a link to the blog, so they can read the more extensive story about Lowlands if they like.

Having a quick lunch enjoying the sun on our little balcony.

I like to take photo's with a SLR-camera. I only have an analog one. At the moment I use Revolog-films, which have a special effect on them. Yesterday I picket up a CD with developed photo's (they put them from the negative straight onto a CD, very convenient). I really like this photo!

Last week I did the make-up for a fotoshoot with photographer Sylvana van der Pluijm and model Lisanne Sanders.

While checking Facebook, my Etsy-shop, my e-mails etc. Sylvana uploads this photo onto facebook. WOW! I think this photo is absolutely stunning. So very happy with this result :)

Sometimes I also make object other than jewelry under the label Quiero! Today I make this shell mobile. I have a big one on my balcony & love the sound of the shell ticking in the wind.

I quickly hop into The Hubshop, which is right around the corner from my house, to buy a present. Later this week I'll visit an ex-flatmate who just had a baby, Moos. The Hubshop sells beautiful products from many different entrepreneurs (they also sell Quiero! jewelry!) from around the world, it's a great place to buy presents, I always find something nice and original there.

I am totally in love with the cute baby-shirts they sell from Stitch Junkie. They've got them with ties sewed on them, but also with the famous Dutch rabbit Nijntje (Miffy), a star, a house or a car. The ones with the ties are my favorite! I was able to buy the last tie-shirt in stock for little Moos! Lucky me (and lucky Moos, haha)!

I go to Bikram Yoga for the second time. I went there for the first time last week, and the second time within the same week is for free (very cunning, haha). It's 1,5 hours yoga in a room that heated to 40 °C.  

Dinner time! We're real foodies & wine lovers. Because we're both hungry we start off with some nibbles (manchego cheese, date- and walnutbread, some typical Rotterdam sausage and balsamic glaze) and an insalata caprese. A good glass of wine with it... hmmmmm

And to stay in the Italian atmosphere we had a simple pasta with onion, bolognese sauce, grated parmezan and home-grown basil. 

During summertime there's always about two weeks 'Pleinbios' in Rotterdam, this is a big moviescreen outside in the park where they show movies in the evening when it gets dark. We saw 'Profession: Heartbreaker'. The movie was very nice & funny.

We come back from the movie quite late, so we go straight to bed!

Hope you all have a great day!

Thank you Inèz! As for you lovely readers, stay tunned for next week's guest!
Until then... have a great weekend and be creative!